FACTUALITY: a cyber security company

In our current customs, people are not triggered to spend a lot when keeping their information secured but according to my current scrutinisation they are getting to understand the necessity when their information or company is secured, so it is kind of very easy to become an Elon musk (just saying) through a cyber security company when you understands how it work and you have acquired all the required licenses, cyber attacks on individuals and companies are increasing daily and our informations are getting risked to some unwanted entities daily, this is what also make cyber security special and evergreen. A cyber security are set of methods used to protect computer, networks, software, and data.

It help organisations and individuals protect their system and data from unauthorised access. Human and any user password authorised access companies will come to your cyber security setup and make you in-charge of all their customers information and they don’t expect it to be out anytime or anywhere to any unauthorised access.


A cyber security company cannot be started by anybody, okay you are rich and you want to just buy a cyber security franchise that is maybe going bankrupt !. What is the possibility that you are going to save the company from bankruptcy with your money, trust me that possibility that s more than low or maybe less than a twenty percent, don’t go hard on me yet because i have my justification, let start with the basic and accurate saying “money doesn’t solve all the problems” (i definitely agree with the saying because a pauper will never agree to the saying).

Acquiring a cyber security company requires an expertise which must be you. Okay, you want to employ someone, an expert (because that is what most human does) then you need to understand that a cyber security company is very fragile (according to my ground work employing an expert is very tedious and they are also sparse just because of a simple reason which is; cyber security have a lot of unfilled positions i.e their is shortage of talent which can never tally the amount of cyber crimes committed every kind of day and night), yeah i said cyber security is fragile, an analogy of an egg will be the perfect example now because you need to understand you are the shell and any crack on the shell makes the other part of the egg vulnerable, i.e when there is a target on you or any type of expert you employed, then your company is already compromised (compromised in relation with client loss and client trust).

Yeah i am emphasising on my factuality that you should at least understand or try to be an expert ( becoming an expert and acquiring all licenses take less than a decade year) before diving into our sumptuous worth company, becoming an expert in your recently bought consortium/firm you are buying makes you a square step ahead of your attackers, after your company is being attacked it will then be easier for you and your team to figure out how the penetration occurred but being a novice their allows you to be in the dark, yeah I remembered you can employ someone to figure it out but think of your information or privacy getting to this unwanted entities in the time period and you are just the boss that don’t understand what they are doing, the only thing you does best is reminding how your money is going and how many the media or press is taking the issue up (if you are big big).

Then it come to the moment when companies want to withdraw from your protection because of the threat they heard or the one they are going through because of your company vulnerability. In other not to be the boss that put pressure on employees without helping them to put the threat at taciturn then before you venture into a security company be an expert in it or understand how the security protection protocols works.

Getting briefed about cyber security and why it is not just your layman investment as a rich man (a rich man can be a pauper in a business if they don’t understand risk). Let us talk business now, i remembered a young entrepreneur once telling me the reason he is standing out amidst his peers, he said and i quote “ my setup are needed at the specific places they are situated and when my demand are highs my profit do spike up” a diligent business man will never start a company in a place it demand is not high, when the demand is high the market profit spike up (i am not sure economics agrees tho). As it should be understandable to any human to eat before they can survive, it should also be understandable to any knowledgeable businessman that the demographic setting in his company is the core part of his growths. When you acquire or start up a cyber security company then get the fact right that those who require your company cut across individuals, corporate organisations, investors and business owners who own computers and internet devices, extensively i figured out there are also some prominent/governmental or rich individuals who are susceptible to cyber-attack and hacking(they may reach you for protection also). Another sumptuous benefit in starting a cyber security company is the factuality that you don’t need to have a niche, creating a general services cyber security company makes you ahead of other competitors and also makes your pocket big as well.


As an expert and owner in your newly acquired or started setup then you need to at least screen old employees or if you are just starting employ diligent people, we really understand the threat that set-in when the role of each employees, and the data access control based upon these roles are not being assigned or analysed well to the employees, as an employer you need to elaborate your hiring process outside the interview process because one bad egg is all they need to make the company vulnerable. If i am hiring i will kind of put aside how educated you are because what i need is your skills and freelancing diligence, okay don’t interpret this the wrong way it is very significant to have a solid resume and interview to identify inherent orifice and complications that may appear in a background check (a background review is needed also), background reviews are crucial also and must be homogenous, you can also make use of any background screening company if available in your demographics.

Even when hiring consultants/freelancers let there be thorough screening as usual, that is why i quoted earlier “be an expert and acquire the required license before planning to setup, a specimen of you being attacked and you need to acquire a freelancer and there is no time for thorough screening, then you just allowed this human to your company and gave him administrative access to all company privacy and even some company information ! What if he his part of the attackers, maybe he is not then what if in the future something you are thinking of now happens, then it means your company is done !!!!. An IT risk manager can be useful after been thoroughly screened also to train employees in time of risk, when under threat or when being attacked to help controls behavioural guidelines among employees.

I have been making a lot of scrutinising lately and it have been brought to my cognisance that a higher percentage of the threats targeted to a cyber security company through an employee is through our social media, so as a CEO i did require to have a strong social media approach. A social media approach is very necessary for a cyber security company because it may even be your means of communication with your consumers, a social media approach can be in form of contract which requires all employees signatures and protected by necessary authorities, it should have some of these certain principles with broad explanation:

• Thorough understanding on when to disclose company activities using social media, and what kinds of details can be discussed in a public forum.

• Behaviour of employees using personal social networking accounts to make clear what kinds of discussion topics or posts could cause risk for the company.

• Non usage of company email address to register for or get notifications from any social media applications or websites

• Guidance on using 2 factor authentication and also long, unguessable and different password to any sites that they use the most, sometimes messages can be passed across through those sites.

Most especially there should be a special time to educate your employees on the prospective risks of social media use especially to the set up.


Most especially for certainty you understand you cannot work alone because of the scope of cyber security, yeah I remembered you employed some diligent industrious then you need to work together, because at the moment unity should be your dictum, employees togetherness plays a key role when in disaster because there is going to be one and you must be prepared. Don’t get witless, i have some guidelines to put you through it:

- a cyber security company must always have backup plans that is not easily palpable or back up solutions to archive important files

- Starting or growing setup should draw out disaster readiness scheme ahead pf time that can be implemented when attacked or during threats.

- Having a very knotty payment system or maybe an easy independently controlled terminal is very good and important but most especially you must be careful with your control approaches maybe from staffs or contributors, you or anybody in charge should not be using the same computer to process payment and also surf the webs.

- In an instance where you are in the protection of some company customer related information and there was an attack, releasing some of the information to the unwanted entities it is therefore better to notify them of data breach or even notify some law enforcement agencies.

Just making sure you and your employees are learning daily, you can all be engaging in some life based story/events based story and checking the vulnerabilities and how they were solved.


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